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“I am Makzilla” proclaims the young Marquis Queen from Kansas City, Missouri. What initially appears to be a mere declaration of existence turns out to be a statement that holds a significance of something much greater, Makzilla is a true multi-talent man whose gift demands a long list of labels to fully describe: artist, businessman, writer, comedian, musician, provocateur, philanthropist, designer and activist. Perhaps if Leonardo Da Vinci was black, raised in hood, and had a particular affection for red suspenders, his name would be Makzilla.

The masses have come to known Makzilla through his close affiliations with Tech N9ne and the artists on the legendary emcee’s label, Strange Music, the most successful independent label in hip-hop. What many don’t know is that Makzilla has been an integral part of that label’s success, having co-written many of the rapper’s most popular songs: “Welcome To The Midwest”, “Red Nose”, and “Areola” just to name a few. Being cousins with Krizz Kaliko, Tech N9ne’s most trusted partner-in-rhyme, quickly put Makzilla under the tutelage of two of the finest music makers in the Midwest. Soon the gifted prose writer expanded his talents into that of crafting memorable hooks and choruses for Strange Music:

“I wouldn’t say I got into music, music got into me. I learned form the absolute best you could learn from and just took the talent I already had for telling a story and translated it into music. You’ll hear that in the hooks I’ve been a part of, they always tell a story.”

While his collaborations with Strange Music and Tech N9ne is what thrust him into the public sphere, Makzilla’s ascending star was bound to demand attention one way or another. With IAmMakzilla.com, Makzilla opens up the world to his innumerable talents, and like his friend Tech N9ne, he’s done it in the spirit of independence:

“Everything on this site came out of my head and out of my pocket. I didn’t ask anybody for anything. That’s the true meaning of independent. I wanted to make sure it was a fun place for people to go but also a place where people can hear and see things that they won’t get anywhere else. For instance, with music and with videos I really want to focus on independent artists. Knowing what it takes to be independent, I wanted to give those independent artists a place where they can call home. Anyone can send anything they want to the site, and regardless of where it’s from, it’ll have a fair shot on IAmMakzilla.com.”

This spirit is exemplified in Makzilla’s “Everything Of The Week“, a section updated with fresh music, videos, art, and photos from whoever wants to submit their material. Photos include those of beautiful women, whether they are professional models or not: “I don’t care if a girl is with a modeling agency. A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, and I think it’s lopsided for only the women that have paid to be represented by a modeling agency to be able to showcase what God gave them.”

Along with being a conduit for the independent artists across the world, IAmMakzilla.com is also a showcase for the diverse talents of the site’s founder himself. As a comedian and writer, Makzilla’s gift for being ridiculous is on full display on IAmMakzilla.com. His television show What It Is, available on DVD through the website, stars Makzilla with his cousin and Strange Music artist Krizz Kaliko. The sitcom is crafted around a premise as brilliant as it is simple: follow the lives of Makzilla and Krizz Kaliko as they get fired from a different job in every episode. Makzilla’s wit and intelligence is also on full display with SM Live, hailed as “the most entertaining podcast in the world”. Makzilla hosts the podcast, which discusses and dissects a wide range of topics from relationships, to social issues, to the music business, and everything in between. Only on SM Live will you tune in one week to listen on Makzilla’s poignant relationship advice, and tune in the next week to find out why it’s wrong to put kids on leashes. Hundreds of fans call in weekly to share their opinion on a format that serves as a potent blend of relevant discussion and irreverent approach. The laughs don’t stop there, for Makzilla also showcases Lil’ Showme’s on IAmMakzilla.com, a comic strip which follows the shenanigans of a diverse group of kids in Missouri who fully display why Missouri is the Show Me State.

Be sure to check out the various merchandise available at IAmMakzilla.comwhich include: “Punch Yourself In The Throat” Bracelets, humorous t-shirts, and last but not least, custom Makzilla red suspenders. All merchandise is made with careful attention to detail and quality that is a staple of the Midwest. “If I’m going to put my name on something, you better believe it’s going to be dope.”

With IAmMakzilla.com, Makzilla has opened up the gates for his art and that of independent artists alike for the world to cherish and experience. The mission statement of the site can best be explained by Makzilla himself:

“I want people to be able to come here after they’ve had a fucked up day at work, where not only can they hear something new and different that’s not watered down by the radio, but they can just be able to laugh, have fun, and just enjoy themselves. If I can offer anything to make someone’s day, I’ve done my job. That’s what IAmMakzilla.com is all about.”

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